Basic tips for owner operators

Life as an owner operator can be hard and full of never ending challenges. However, the sole determiner of how successful you will be in this business is you. The decisions and assumptions you make, the trucking companies you partner with, the amount of investments you put in the business and amount of research you do can help you succeed or fail as a business. But if you understand what it takes to succeed in this business, you can then make better informed decisions that can help you progress smoothly even during the worst of times. Continue reading to learn more about this business and get helpful tips from Status Transportation Corporation.

Fundamental tips that owner operators must know

One thing that we have accepted and learnt from this business is that people only pay you for the work you do. It is a tough job but there are fewer short cuts and tricks to help you make more from the customers. Instead, there are actually more chances of you getting tricked and conned by the big players in the industry if you are not careful. And as we had stated earlier, doing enough research about the business, the partners you will need and the type of customers you will work with is very important. Making hurried decisions when choosing contracts for instance can be disastrous. It is one way people get conned and taken advantage of in this business, especially if you keep on signing short term contract. To be on the safe side therefore,

  • Research more about the rates your carriers use
  • Learn about the safety records you will need to implement as a business
  • Device policies to guide internal relations among employees
  • Avoid the business sectors that suffer constant setbacks
  • Make contracts with serious minded carriers that only serve growth industries

After you have the information you need to start off as an owner operator company, plan for your budget. At Status Transportation, we always plan for all expenses throughout the year accordingly with special considerations being given to expected slow time in the future. We also understand the importance of working smart in the industry, because contrary to what many think, success really lies in the efforts and hard work rather than the type of trucks you use in your business. And so, why should you work with us?

4 Common Mistakes with today’s Trucking Companies

Status Transportation Owner operatorDo you wonder why your trucking business isn’t taking off as you planned? Do you often make business decisions after listening to your close friends and family? If yes, that is the reason your business is still where it started. Not that listening to your friends is wrong, but making major decisions in an industry like the trucking world isn’t something you should leave to the amateurs. And along to a lack of professional business mentors, here are other mistakes common with many trucking businesses today.

Lack of a good plan

The first thing any owner operator should do when starting out is to draft a clear plan. The trucking world is highly challenging, and it could also be lucrative if you ever reach to the heights other successful businesses like status transportation reviews have reached. However, you may never end up reaching those heights if you run your trucking business like a kiosk. Hire the right professionals to work with you, share with them your plans for your business, and then work hard to achieve your dreams.

Poor Book keeping

When you lack a good plan, you are not likely to take serious book keeping. Even when you have hired professionals, you probably ignore to check the books and see if all payments are tracked accordingly. And if you stay for long without tracking your records, you stop measuring your costs per miles of goods transported. In end you start making losses for mistakes that you could have easily avoided. And note that with today’s advanced technology, book keeping could be as simple as buying a few excel software programs and hiring a professional to keep track of them.

Working with the wrong companies

As you probably know, the trucking world involves work through partnerships. You will need carrier to with for instance, an invoice factoring company to call when you need cash and other tax consultants. However, if all you or some of your partners are misleading and not effective, then you may never succeed as a business. With status transportation for instance, working with the right companies is so crucial that we are very careful with who we partner with.

Using the wrong trucks

Every truck is designed to carry certain types of loads, and if you lease or buy trucks not suited to carry the freights you specialize in, then you most probably will experience inconveniences when transporting loads to your customers.

How to Maximize Owner Operator Pay

Status Transportation Owner operator

For most owner operator drivers in the United States and even in other countries as well, you will agree with me that one of the greatest worries that you usually have to deal with is exactly how you are going to maximize on your owner operator pay. The moment that you join this trade in the transportation industry, hope for a very successful and fruitful business is usually very high. As a matter of fact, you will always tend to be excited about the fact that you are now able to establish and grow your owner operated truck business.

However, things have not always been that easy for many as they had initially though it would be. There are some who approached the industry with a great deal of complacency and things just did not turn out the way they had expected. Others also got into the business thinking that it was a quick way of getting rich and they get disappointed because their expectations were not fulfilled as they had envisioned them. The truth is that, if you are seriously intending on maximizing your pay from this business, hard work is an integral factor among others.

But with that said, it is always very significant that every owner operator leases to a trucking company that will share his or her vision, and make it possible to maximize their pay. Status Transportation is perhaps the ideal company for every owner operator. This is the company that, through the policy structures and service charters that it has put into place, will ensure that you get a chance to maximize your owner operator pay. For this reason, the transportation company has become the darling of many truck drivers across the nation and this explains why many owner operators would want to lease with this company.

So maybe you are wondering Status Transportation is the right company to help you exploit your chances to maximize your pay and take home a huge salary. Well, first of all, Status has gone out of its way to hire operation coordinators to each and every truck driver. These coordinators are there to ensure that all your dispatches are successful. They accord you all the support that you need during delivery of your hauls and in so doing; you can be able to concentrate more time and energy in developing your business and maximizing on your owner operator pay.

As if that is not enough, these dispatchers are charged with the responsibility of conducting market researches on your behalf. This ensures that you get to receive the best rates for your loads. This means more money for you right. Furthermore, with the experience that they have in the trucking industry and the connections that they have, they ensure that you get to do dispatches all year round even when it is low season. This therefore ensures that you still get to cash in regardless of low seasons and you will be advantaged than other drivers in other trucking companies. So choose Status Transportation today for a better pay.

What You Need to Know About Trucking Jobs

If you want to live your life in a fast lane and earn while doing so, then trucking jobs are for you. This is a job where you take the driver’s seat and bring freights from one place to another with caution and exercising all the safety precautions. Although not every driver appreciates this job, this is a well respected and at the same time an adrenalin-rush job because it involves transporting different goods from imaginable. Not only that, the thrill passing through different roads and storming the weather is a very rewarding challenge as soon as you reach the destination.

Becoming a truck driver

To become a truck driver is not an easy thing. Unlike getting an ordinary driver’s license, this one is harder to get. Most trucking jobs require a clean driving record for their employees and the license should be given by the State they live in. Getting in the trucking jobs is quite challenging because you carry 26,000 pounds thus you need to get a CLD or a commercial driver’s license. The requirements before getting CLD license include:

  1. Passing both written and practical exam: The written test is all about the rules and regulations and a demonstration on how to efficiently operate a commercial or trucks.
  2. Age: The driver must be at least 21 years old
  3. Physical examination needs to be done every 2 years and should be passed or rendered physically fit. The driver should have good hearing and at least have a vision of 20/40. They can wear glasses or any corrective lens with 70 degree field vision and the driver should not be colorblind.
  4. A truck driver must not be convicted for any crime or felony and should not be reported to have taken illegal drugs or alcohol. There should be no hit-and-run crime against him. Most trucking jobs are very particular with this. Employers do a background check on their employees before hiring.
  5. The driver should be able to read and understand English and should know the road signs well enough. They are expected to make reports and communicate with other truck drivers while on the road.

How to look for the right trucking jobs?

If you think you have everything to be part of a trucking company, then you should look no further because trucking jobs are now available online. There are few websites where you can visit and learn more about the company and how they deal with transferring freight from one State to another using truck. These are third party websites that have connections with different companies who are into the trucking business. All you need is to put in your information like your name, contact number, license number, email address, social security number and other essentials needed by the company.

Apart from putting vital information you are also asked about your preference in driving like if you prefer driving in the Midwest, local, southeast, etc. your experiences in driving are also looked upon and even your traffic violations; for companies to have a clear grip if you are a potential candidate for their company.

Status Transportation Reviews

Status Transportation ReviewsIf there is one thing you need to know it is that you can count on Status Transportation to deliver your cargo anywhere within our service area which is mainly the 48 US States and Canada as a whole.   No load is too difficult or too delicate for our company to handle.  We transport goods of every kind fragile, temperature sensitive, dry cargo or others with maximum ease.  As a transport company the close to 10 years we have been in the market has allowed us to compete with some of the giant transportation companies with maximum ease.

We have an incredible team behind every truck that leaves our yards for different parts of the country.  If you care to check available Status Transportation reviews speaks it all.  We have over the years been able to deliver cargo of all kinds without any known hitches.  Our customers can test to our reliability and efficiency when it comes to our transport system.  This can be ascertained by transportation reviews on our page.  Our drivers too have also been able to do this because we have one of the best and trustworthy owner operator pay schedule.  All invoices are paid on time without any known hitches.  It is the same team that handles any kind of billing, custom clearance on goods and insurance ensuring that our drivers have enough time to concentrate on the job at hand.

We are known for many things in the transport industry.  We stand out as the best trucking company for owner operators because we value the family and ensure that our drivers are able to spend quality time with their families despite being on the road for longer periods.  We are also a great company to work for because we boast of outstanding customer service both with our staff and customers.  We have an open end policy and customers and drivers can walk in and discuss their problem with any of our staff at Status Transportation.

This has not been easy but has been made possible by ensuring that our customer’s expectations and desires are delivered within the required time and budget.  If you are looking for Transportation Company either to work for or to transport your goods, do not look any further.   We are still one of the best trucking companies in Atlanta GA.  This is no secret.   If you are looking for a company that you can trust with freight of any kind and have it delivered on time, then consider Status, you will never regret your choice for years to come.

Status Transportation has invested heavily in ensuring that communication is quiet essential between our customers and drivers by investing in a stable communication system.  It makes it easier to track all the shipment and keep the customer in touch as often as is required.  We have a lot of opportunities for work for owner operators.  If you are looking for a job from one of the industry leading companies, you can’t be wrong.  All the information required is on our status page.  Read on and make that application today.  You are the person we are looking for.