What You Need to Know About Trucking Jobs

If you want to live your life in a fast lane and earn while doing so, then trucking jobs are for you. This is a job where you take the driver’s seat and bring freights from one place to another with caution and exercising all the safety precautions. Although not every driver appreciates this job, this is a well respected and at the same time an adrenalin-rush job because it involves transporting different goods from imaginable. Not only that, the thrill passing through different roads and storming the weather is a very rewarding challenge as soon as you reach the destination.

Becoming a truck driver

To become a truck driver is not an easy thing. Unlike getting an ordinary driver’s license, this one is harder to get. Most trucking jobs require a clean driving record for their employees and the license should be given by the State they live in. Getting in the trucking jobs is quite challenging because you carry 26,000 pounds thus you need to get a CLD or a commercial driver’s license. The requirements before getting CLD license include:

  1. Passing both written and practical exam: The written test is all about the rules and regulations and a demonstration on how to efficiently operate a commercial or trucks.
  2. Age: The driver must be at least 21 years old
  3. Physical examination needs to be done every 2 years and should be passed or rendered physically fit. The driver should have good hearing and at least have a vision of 20/40. They can wear glasses or any corrective lens with 70 degree field vision and the driver should not be colorblind.
  4. A truck driver must not be convicted for any crime or felony and should not be reported to have taken illegal drugs or alcohol. There should be no hit-and-run crime against him. Most trucking jobs are very particular with this. Employers do a background check on their employees before hiring.
  5. The driver should be able to read and understand English and should know the road signs well enough. They are expected to make reports and communicate with other truck drivers while on the road.

How to look for the right trucking jobs?

If you think you have everything to be part of a trucking company, then you should look no further because trucking jobs are now available online. There are few websites where you can visit and learn more about the company and how they deal with transferring freight from one State to another using truck. These are third party websites that have connections with different companies who are into the trucking business. All you need is to put in your information like your name, contact number, license number, email address, social security number and other essentials needed by the company.

Apart from putting vital information you are also asked about your preference in driving like if you prefer driving in the Midwest, local, southeast, etc. your experiences in driving are also looked upon and even your traffic violations; for companies to have a clear grip if you are a potential candidate for their company.

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